Keywords Perl Script - Free Marketing Tool for Your Website!!
This keywords perl script is meant to be a marketing tool for your website in that it takes the page you submit in the form and breaks it down into the searchable keywords that appear on that page. The searchable keywords are displayed alphabetically, and the number of times each keyword is used is also displayed.

This is a work in progress, and the keywords script is constantly updated to insure that it works to the best of it's ability. Please head over to the discussions on this script and make suggestions - Discuss this script

- If you have made more money because of what this script has contributed to your website, then you can show your appriciation by making a donation towards the development of this script!

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Keywords Perl Script - Source!!
If you would like a copy of the source code for this script, then contact us or join the forums and request a copy of the script there. Some important updates have been made to the script and everyone who has downloaded the script so far need to contact us in order to get the latest update.
How this free perl keywords script works
Main Table - The main table looks complex, but it's quite simple. Click the keyword and the page will appear with that word highlighted. The "Meta" field will say "Yes" if the word on that line appears in your page's meta keywords tag, and the check box will be checked for you. You can go through and check the boxes for words that you choose to have in your meta tag, and then click "Meta [GO]" button to populate the "Keywords List" at the top right of this page. "Select All" in the upper Keywords List and copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) into the "Meta Tags From Tested Page" textarea - replace the keywords in your current meta tags (note: no meta tags on page = empty textarea). After replacing the keywords in your provided meta tags "Select All" and copy directly to your page in the appropriate place (Don't forget to save your work as the script does NOT save it for you).

Your Best Keywords - This is the same as the "Main Table" list except it is only meant to show you what words are used more than "3" times on the tested page. All these words are in the "Main Table" list, but you can glance at your most used words here very easily. This at a glance view can be ignored because it really does not contain any more information than the "Main Table" but it is a good idea to make sure all of these words appear in your page's meta tags.

Keywords List - The script generates a "Meta" like list of ALL of your keywords upon first test of the page, but it's NOT advised to use this overly populated list in your meta tags as search engines look for words that really describe what your page is about, and just because a word appears once doesn't mean it's a good idea to include all of them. Use the check boxes next to the words and press the "Meta [GO]" button to populate this field with a better choice of words than every single word that is on your page. A small list of words (around 10-15) used more than 5 times is much better than having a list of 200 words that are used once on the tested page.

Meta Tags - The script grabs the meta tags that appear on the tested page and provides them here for easy editing. You can copy or straight modify your meta tags here, but DO NOT forget to save your work as this script will not save any information for you.

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