JavaScript "Go Back" links and "Go Back" buttons
This is a tutorial on how to create JavaScript back buttons for your website. Sometimes, and some places they are error pages. One plus to doing it this way is that you don't have to include scripts in the headers or link to external script files.

<A HREF="javascript:history.back()">&lt;&lt; Go Back</A>

This will produce the following link: << Go Back

You may also want it to be a button. Note: some browsers require <FORM>...</FORM> tags to be present, some don't, but it's good practice to include them anyway.

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE=" &lt;&lt; Go Back " OnClick="javascript:history.back()">

This will produce the following button:

I hope this helps!! If you have any trouble please post questions in the forums: Webmasters Forum

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