How to make FavIcons for your website!
You'll need some kind of software able to save the FavIcon in either the 32px high 32px wide format maximum or the 16px by 16px alternate format. check out The GIMP and look up and check out my favicon while you are at it. It was created using The GIMP.
  • try free software that can make the ".ico". The GIMP
  • the file MUST be called favicon.ico
  • the file MUST be 32x32 pixels or less. My favicon is 16x16 pixels
  • the file MUST be placed in the root directory of your website.
  • every file MUST reference it using <LINK REL="shortcut icon" HREF="/favicon.ico"> inside the <HEAD>...</HEAD> tags
  • Internet Explorer and others don't always refresh favicons very well
Note: You'll want your icon background to be transperant!! Different browsers use icons on different backgrounds, so I feel it works out best to use a transperant background for the icon, like my favicon

Once you've done everything close your browser and go to the site directly via the domain only (ie. and the favicon should appear, but if it doesn't go directly to the favicon (ie. to make sure that the browser caches it. Close the browser and go directly to the domain again and it should appear. If it doesn't then try a browser like opera or firefox to see if it appears for them.

I hope this helps!! If you have any trouble please post questions in the forums: FavIcons Discussion

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